Chinese painting: peacock (3dsmax 5+ps)
here is the post in Chinese

I can see you said it wasn’t made in Blender, looks like if you’re wanting someone to recreate it then you just made a good challenge.

To get the effect all you have to do is set a plane up in the background texturemapped as that kind of paper, change the material settings so that it doesn’t accept shadows, and make whatever you model in front of slightly transparent so that the texture of the paper is visible through it.

Im afraid its not that easy.

first of all there are some colour bleeds around the model, which im sure only the renderer can do (correct me if im wrong). Actually, i dunno if thats bleed or DOF. Most likely bleed i think.
Second, setting transparecncy for either the models or the textured plane would only make a “translucency” effect. As if it was behind a paper sheet instead of a textured painting.

What seems most likely is the the “effect” is done during render or in post-process (blender-wise).

Anyways, i could be wrong. I did try to produce the same results long ago. Cant remember whether i succeeded or not.

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ps. beautifull picture tho :slight_smile: