Chiron the centaur as an infant

Initial concept:

The project was to try to take this through all the various bells and whistles available in Blender and learn them. (I have version 2.59 and a copy of the Essential Blender dating from about the 2.44 era.) Previously I have used SketchUp, Art of Illusion, Mudbox, Makehuman, Meshlab and some FOSS 2D programs. I learn better by reading about what a function is, how it works, why I should give a damn about it, and then I begin experimenting with it. Video tutorials with a cursor moving all around on the screen generally don’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

I have used the loop cut and slide tool because the subdivide tool caused unwanted triangles around the periphery. I tried pretty hard, but could not find the knife tool. Therefore there are a lot of quads in areas where they are not needed just because everything is loop cut and slide and the loops go clear around the model. When I got to sculpting, I could not figure out how to get multires levels to work right and this model has about 260,000 quads just because I bumped up resolution in the basic level a couple of times.

Because of these “learning experiences,” I may have to learn my fancier animating, rendering, texturing, and compositing stuff on a different model.

Anyway, I also made my second rig here, since I did one in Art of Illusion. I am busy learning about constraints including kinematics right now.


I think the proportions are close. I think the muscles need to be defined some more. and need hooves. I think the mesh is dense and hard to unwrap.
good job keep it up.

Yikes. That’s frightening. I like the concept, and the human portion of the model is nice; but, you really need to reduce the size of the horse portion. It looks like a baby grafted on to a fully grown pony. You should look at images of adult centaurs and reduce the size of both halves proportionally.

Arttorny! Dude! Haven’t seen you around for ages! Switched to 3D, did you?

Yes. I migrated to CGHub in great migration of December of '09. There’s a lot more 3D going on there and I was able to find myself better as a digital artist. I never took to vector drawing well and my raster attempts in Gimp were usually unsatisfactory. I’ll be back with more Blender work in a couple of weeks (after that Makerbot OpenSCAD challenge is over).

Thank you for the comments everybody. The horse body and excessive mesh are problematic. Must learn.

I have an image of close up sculpting to the face I can share in the meantime. Non-art people that I know like the face, but when I show the whole model they get creeped out. You’d think nobody ever saw a centaur before. The face creeps me out more than the idea it’s a centaur. I think his head looks totally flat. (Then there’s those “Gumby arms” I’ve been trying to work out.)