Chisel and chip

Hello there
anyone can recommend me a tutorial, a tip or a trick , to animate a chip “Scrolling” out of a chisel cut,
moving forward ?? Any suggestions how to start at it??

Thanks for having a look

Man, I was working on a chainsaw animation and got stuck at this point.

The closest I have seen, though it probably cheats a bit much is this lathe animation: Blender 3D lathe animation

And here is my first attempt:
flakes.blend (889.0 KB)

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yep…something like that …. glad to know about that vertex weight modifier…

Yeah, it’s a really hacky way to do it, but it works.

I used a similar technique for the layer peeling animations here:

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Look where I am at…
Placing the chip in Object Mode was pure guesswork, unfortunately…
I don t get it how it happens … both in Edit and ObjectMode are not in the same spot and have not same Rotation angle
Cut.blend (545.2 KB)

That works well, there is a little bit of sliding on the left side of the chip when it starts peeling up from the right side, but not much. This curve modifier setup is much simpler than mine, I’ll definitely be looking into that technique more.

The curve modifier always seemed to have a bit of mystery. Everytime is use it, I have to guess and check to make sure things are aligned well. But looking at your file, I think I understand a little better.

First off, the rotation you can control with the tilt of the curve:

The position of the chip mesh depends upon the center of the curve object (pardon my shoddy annotations):

Here is the blend, with corrected alignment: Cut-aligned.blend (574.0 KB)

Thank u so much
to be continued…I hope

good luck, you’re off to a good start!