Chiseled texture on object

Hi guys,

I want to make a stone sink with a chiseled surface like this reference image. It has to be small verticle stone lines all the way around the sink but I find it challenging to make. Any ideas on how to do this properly?

This could be done with sculpting.

You start by doing a voxel remesh with a resolution high enough to sculpt the ridges.

Then, you do the sculpting. Do only the bigger details, no need to sculpt the fine stone grain, that can be done in the materials.

When the sculpting is done, you can decimate the mesh to bring it to a usable resolution. The smooth parts might get some artifacts if you decimate too agressively, however those could be fixed up to a certain point with a “weighted normals” modifier.

Finally, there are parts with a smooth material and parts with a rough material. If the model is going to be seen from some distance, you could do this using 2 materials assigned to different faces of the model. If you need to see the model from a closer view, you might need to instead have the 2 shader trees as part of the same material and blend between them with a hand painted mask.

I would try displacing it with a wave texture for the large vertical elements of the structure and then overlay it with a couple of noise textures.
I think I would do it in geometry nodes but a displacement shader would work just fine.