Chiste nº4


Lately I’ve been working on a project that has absorbed me completely. This animation I created trying to recreate the technique Painting with Polygons

Hope you like


Hombre, un extremeño! :slight_smile:

Me ha gustado, se nota que le has dedicado tiempo. Aunque la textura fluctúa demasiado, no sé si es intencionado o tiene algo que ver con la técnica que utilizaste, pero es un poco molesto.

I liked it, obviously you’ve dedicated lot of time to this. The textures flicker too much though, I don’t know if it’s intended or it has something to do with the technique you used, but it’s a bit annoying.

Good job.


HA HA estuvo muy bueno…son pocas las animaciones que he visto acerca de chistes, creo que es una excelente idea. The displacement texture confunde un poco, creo que mejor sin la textura. Great Job 5/5! :evilgrin:


Muchas gracias por los comentarios. Lo del mapa de desplazamiento he pensado muy mucho en quitarlo, porque realmente no le aporta nada tan solo confusión. Todos me dicen lo mismo “¿Por qué tiembla como un flan?” o algo por el estilo jejeje.

Seguramente le quede un cell sading clásico y punto. Con lo que sea posteo el resultado.

Thank you very much for the comments. About the displacement map I’ve thought very much in removing it because it really does not add anything just confusion. Everyone tells me the same “Why do you tremble like a leaf?” or something like that jejeje.

Surely I´ll change the material to a Cell Sading classical. You´ll have news about the changes.


Coming soon one update on vimeo.

With de PWP tecnics erase. Much better than the first animation.

EDIT: Sorry for the link


Wow, I didnt know so many of you speak spanish! :smiley: I dont understand any of what he said, but the animations were good, and It was good graphics, i didnt see any errors, so yeah! it was AWESOME!!!