Chloe Price

Hey guys
Here is my personal Chloe Price Project!
I love life is strange and always i wanted to sculpt and create Chloe and Max myself :smiley:
and well here it is: Chloe Price
I did this mainly with blender (exported her overall mesh from CC) and substance Painter
hope u like it


Great work, congrats…

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The model looks great, but for a natural standing position you need to lower those shoulders - she’ll look less stiff with naturally relaxed shoulders.

Thank u
yes u are right, I actually rigged this too and created her in a t-pose and when I rotated her arms they remain high
it is easy fix though

next project I’m going for max and I’ll try to do a better job

I think you misunderstood. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the rig, or with her t-pose. Her shoulders might be a little higher than is typical, but “remember to lower the shoulders for a natural standing position” is pretty standard advice for most rigged characters. Since her shoulders deformed well, I don’t think we can say the issue is the modeling or rigging. Even A-pose models often need to have their shoulders lowered to avoid stiff posing.

If you move your own arm up and down, you’ll notice that you use more than just your arm bone, you also use your shoulder/clavicle. To test it out, move your arm up naturally, then carefully lower your arm without adjusting your shoulder/clavicle: you’ll end up in a stiff position with raised shoulders.

Adjusting the shoulders to a natural position is just a trick you need to remember while posing, unless you program functionality to handle that automatically into the control rig. Which is possible, but totally unnecessary.

Your Chloe is a good looking model, natural posing is just a little tricky sometimes.

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