A character from my character project thread. You can find more information there.
Mostly emission shaders with baked textures, because I intend to work with the model further in real-time applications.

Blender real-time material view.

Borrowed from BlendSwap:
Old Books (CC-BY) by mcswainy.
Cartoony eye (CC-ZERO) by tynaud.


The eyes in the turntable render are white, it’s a little bit creepy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah, eyes need reflection and refraction so they don’t show in viewport, only when actually rendered with Cycles. I’m not even sure Eevee will be able to do proper refraction… It probably will though.

Maybe for the turntable you can setup a simpler material (with the eyes in a different layer), so that the pupils will show.

Did it, looks a lot better, but there’s still bunch of AO and shading missing.
It’s only meant to be a quick and dirty turntable render to show what is and what isn’t running real-time.

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great work ,on the anatomy
but as a girl face, i think you should rounded up her face and maybe narow her jow a little but so it looks more famenen , maybe add some eyelashes to her eyes,
just an opinion

but the whole model looks great the clothing the hair the pose
its great

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Thanks a lot for feedback. :slight_smile:

Wide jaw was deliberate. It does make the face more masculine. You’re right that I could try bigger eyelashes, rounder face, or perhaps make the chin pointier, and some other stuff.

I’m working on a fully real-time version so I’ll definitely try the things you suggested.

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