It`s still far from over, i still have to do the wings, the legs and some adjustments, but i wanted to hear what you think of it so far. C&C are greatly appreciated

WOW! Really nice so far.

Looks to be very good topology. Any chance of a wireframe?

I have nothing to crit right now. Maybe once you get some actual feathers on it, then yes. :wink:

Modelling looks great.


Thanks BgDm, here is the wireframe, about the feathers i dont have any idea of how to make them, i guess ill leave it without feathers

thanks for the host ImageShack

Thanks for the wire. NIce and clean. Well done.

As for the feathers, you could use planes with Alpha Mapped textures.


great …

i love it

it’s coming along nicely

are u gonna animate it ?

Now the legs, i dont think theres going to be an animation, maybe when i learn more of the animation process i`ll try it

That looks great. It does have a good cartoony feel and once you will model some wings it will look just perfect.

That leg looks a little long and a bit too thin IMO. The chocobos that I remember from the game had stalkier, thicker legs.


I modified the legs, they were too long, and i also added the wings,Bgdm i used an image i found with my good friend google and the legs look really thin, i used that image af reference. :smiley:
C&C allways welcome