I’m still pretty new so I know its not great but I hope you like it :smiley:

Well done, keep up man, I liked, and I like the whole final fantasy series, well not all of it, I didnt liked the XIII, the idea of a megazord turning into a Guardian force was…

Ok, where’s my net?

I only like 7 and 10. Idea for these came from 7

Its always good to keep wanted to get better, but art is art lol there cool :slight_smile:

I feel like the black outline around the birds’ eyes is a bit unnecessary, and the background feels a bit too plain. Otherwise, they’re great models. Nice job!

I thought the eyes just gave it more of a cartoon feel than without. Thanks :slight_smile:

Cute models :slight_smile:

could you share these models?
they capture the chocobo’s character perfectly :slight_smile:
love it :slight_smile:

I made these before I knew anything about rigging, so they are completely unrigged. I just moved certain pieces since I was just doing a picture.