Chocofur free models reel

Hey everyone,

another finished project in very limited time. 3 days of animation and rendering, 1 day for editing and finding a nice music sample… Chocofur free models reel is ready to roll!

I really hope you like it. Free software + free models + free scenes that are now available for everyone to download from our store. Direct link:

If you feel like saying - thanks man for what you’re doing, I would really appreciate helping me a tiny bit with spreading the word about chocofur. Share the video with your friends, show it to your sister or even mom. Tell them it’s all 3D and you don’t even have to pay for it. It really means much for me if you do!


Below are some stills from each scene you can play with yourself:


That’s interesting! It’s very stylish.

nice job lechu. It’s fun to watch, especcialy the beginning :slight_smile:

Thx @paulina and @XeroShadow! Did anyone downloaded the scenes and did some own attempts on them, perhaps with other models?

Nice. Was hoping for a sec that it’d be a lil story of those 2 chicken. Really lovely characters.

@Panupat: unfortunately I very limited with time on that one. However, I’m really encouraged to do some other attempts on animation (step motion especially) in near future, very likely this year. Thanks for your comment!