Chocofur model manager-is there a fix

Is there a fix for this version of blender? [Custom Build] Blender 2.79.6 Weighted Normals & Customized modifiers

error message’There is no extensions framework found" Where do I get this and how do I install it? Python 3.6.Thanks

I added the extensions file to my modules and the manager seems to be working. Should I add the other three files to modules since they have the same date and time. Will this hurt anything? There is also a picture of an error message I am getting. This extensions file is from a 3.5 python blender and this version I copied the file to is 3.6. Should I be downloading this extensions file for 3.6 or am I okay with this? Thanks


In 2.79.6 should I be adding the above 3 py files to my modules folder? Thanks