Chocolate bar topology


I’m still very new to Blender and am trying to model a chocolate bar for practice. I am using all quads and intended to use subdivision surfaces to create the model.

I have got a result I am pretty happy with but feel the topology could be improved a bit as there are lines which cut through the whole model that look a bit ugly. As far as I can tell these lines do not affect the appearance of the model. It seems I need to cut through the entire model to make sure I have no n-gons in my mesh. Perhaps someone with more modelling experience could give me some advice on how to tackle this!

I have modelled the chocolate bar using the very basic shapes and using real-world dimensions, ensuring that I use all quads (hence some of the more irregular chocolate segments being broken down into quad shapes). Then I have a made a vertex selection on the edges I want to round and used a bevel modifier with two segments with this vertex selection.

Any help much appreciated!


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looking cool already!

Looks good to me! If the additional lines don’t affect the surface, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks for your responses. I have since reworked the mesh and have managed to get a slightly nicer result albeit with a bit more work. Now all the edges have similar rounding compared to the last attempt which had some edges that looked too sharp and not very chocolate like.

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