Chocolate Candies

Hi anyone, a few days ago i passed by a shop with lots and lots of chocolate candies on display, from that came the inspiration.

[EDIT: this is the newest one]

and here is the first one

One very sad thing about this render: it’s not real, there’s no way to eat pixels :slight_smile:

The scene is using filmic color management, and here is a timelapse video of the full making (except a few touches in gimp later)

hope you like it and thanks very much for watching/comments/opinions!!!

Really nice but the background could be something else instead the wall

thank you for the feedback!!!

at first i chose not to add anything else mostly because i didn’t want to risk the scene getting too messy, but right after reading your post i started experimenting a bit more

just changing the lights made some difference

and then i added some more candies

lastly, the AO which is always nice to look at. by the way i didn’t use AO in the first image

thanks again for the suggestion, the result is much better now!!!