chocolate covered donut...WIP

i was wondering what can I do about those imperfections with the chocolate. Do I have to wait for improvements in the fluid simulation? Or am I getting wrong something?

suggests are welcome!


Is the chocolate a fluid? If so then you should increace the resolution.

yes the chocolate is a fluid. resolution was already at 200…more and my pc would crash…

what’s the “real-world size” value? have you tried changing it? how about increasing the value?

real world size is 0.2 meters. the only problems are where the fluid touches the doughnut…it doesn’t stick very well even though the donut is already set at no slip. maybe this is the best result achievable at the current state of things. hope not…

increase the viscosity of the licwid

i’ll try to increase real world size to 1 and viscosity a bit more (it’s already 10^3) and bake the simulation overnight i’ll post a new image tomorrow.

Shouldn’t the chocolate be more spread out? The way it is now it looks like a blob that was dropped onto it.

I have never used the fluid sim, but those materials are super!

Can you describe the donut material for me, please?

Yeah, the donut itself looks amazing… I’d also like to know about that. :evilgrin:

You should stop working on this project, you’re making me too hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:

glad you like my materials, since it was that I was pointing on (not much modeling yet…:)) I’ll post the doughnut material tomorrow since it’s too late now and i’m too tired. in any case it’s nothing more than blender sss, a simple texture and a specular map.
As for the fluids problem…don’t think blender can yet do the job I wanted (last night i baked the fluids at 250 resolution and still the chocolate is behaving weirdly when it touches the doughnut). If I manage to get anything better i’ll post an animation.

Thanks to all


PS: Yummy…doughnuts…:wink:

Here’s a new version of the doughnut…critics are welcome…

here’s a little video using softbodies…

Wow! like the soft bodies video a lot shows a newb like me the capabilitys of blender :wink: