Chocolate Fountain Concept

I’m working on a concept chocolate fountain, and I did a quick render after finally getting a usable fluid simulation:

Will post progress and the final thing when it’s done!

I still haven’t managed to make the chocolate thick, or creamy but I am still experimenting with the fluid simulator. I made the fountain a normal diffuse material though because glass looked off and changed the material of the chocolate.

That’s cool! Are you going to use the glass material for the final result?
The chocolate thickness really isn’t realistic, but I know that it’s not simple to play around with the fluid simulator because of the long baking time. If you look on YouTube there’s a lot of videos of chocolate fountains, to see the thickness of real chocolate.
What resolution did you use for the fluid simulator?

I still haven’t decided :confused: what do you think?
I have been messing around and baking for literally weeks, and I just don’t think it’s possible. Because making it any thicker just makes it overflow. There are only 2 things for me yet to try:

-Cheating, by having an invisible outflow near the edges that overflow to stop them overflowing, then another somehow hidden inflow to basically move the chocolate where i want it.
-Using particles - these have much more settings for you to play around with and I’m sure I’ll be able to tweak them correctly. However, for decent results I will need to render them as metaballs which I know is possible, but have never managed to make it work myself.

The only advice I can give you having played around a lot with the fluid simulator is that higher definition fluids behave quite differently than lower ones do.

So I suppose the way forward for you is to increase the viscosity, do not generate any tracker particles, use insane resolution, and start experimenting by using a slow-running inflow.

Nice concept, BTW.

Oh, one more thing: if you actually build this in the real world, you will find that unless you can find a way to heat the glass, your chocolate will build up in no time at all, and you will have a horrible mess everywhere. Unless of course this is exactly what you are aiming for :slight_smile:

I wish I could, but I can’t use resolutions higher than 400. It’s not an issue of time, I’m a very patient guy but at anything higher my computer simply crashes.
I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to slow the inflow! Thanks, that’s what I’m trying next.
Not if this is a cheap fountains that use liquid chocolate and doesn’t heat it :P. But seriously. I can’t pretend I know much about chocolate fountains, but I imagine in real life the problem could be solved with higher temperatures, to heat the glass on the first pass.