Chocolate Nonpareils

Hi there,

Here is a render of chocolate nonpareils I had to make for my photorealism class at school.
To avoid interpenetration I didn’t use a particle system, instead I made rigid bodies with a lot of friction and made them fall on the chocolate pieces. Everything was made in Blender (with very little modification in Photoshop in the end).

Hope you like it =)

I have to say, this image shows a very nice use of the physics settings to simulate objects sticking to another.

The material of the sprinkles is well done to say the least, but it’s hard to tell if the chocolate is in need of more glossiness, more SSS, or both (from what little I can see it seems a little dry).

Thanks !

About the chocolate, it had more glossiness at the beginning but it looked like the chocolate was melting, but this kind of chocolate is quite solid. But maybe a little bit of SSS would help.

very Cool…I love it

Terrific work, Doki! These were some of my favorite candies as a child, though more often than not I could only find the white ones, instead of the multi-colored nonpareils. Your decision to use the physics simulator to create the candies is clever! These looks just like candies sitting in a lit display in front of a big window.

Great job!

Thanks guys =)

Even though I didn’t used it in my final render, a friend showed me a nice technique to make the candies fit better in the chocolate. You can just bake an ambient occlusion texture on the chocolate and use it as a displacement map to give this nice effect :

That trick with the AO texture is brilliant! I would’ve never thought of that. Results look great!