Chocolate Place

Hi all,

my latest project of chocolate place. Made in Blender 2.68 and Cycles.
C&C are welcome.

Cheers, paulina.


and some more…


and the last one…


Beautiful work Paulina :yes:

Maybe the walls and ceiling is a little to dark, the room kind of disappears a little.
Other than that… fantastic.

Do you feel it’s easier to work with Cycles than YafaRay on these kind of scenes?
And what about render time Cycles vs YafaRay?
What kind of graphic card do you use for Cycles?


I think, maybe, it’s because the lighting is too even. There aren’t enough places for the shadows to hide, which makes the scene look flat. I suspect that there might be a fill light or two washing things out. Using subtle volumetrics and adding in some AO & DOF should make it “pop” more too.

Interesting scene! I really like the design.

But I think this space have much more potential. I think it is to lit up, in the sense that I cannot really tell where the light is coming from, and the interior light is to weak. In this case you are not making use of cycles. A scene lighted in this manner would be much cleaner in Blender Internal or Yafaray. Cycles have the potential of making use of better diffuse lighting and more realistic materials. In your case the light could be more dramatic, but instead you have a bit dull and noisy result.

Don’t get me wrong, for showing a client your design, the scene is very straight forward and easy to comprehend, but you should render the images longer to get rid of the noise. Then you can make use of this scene to test other ways of lighting it.

I think a good way would be to start with the interior light only, and add more and more lights, and see what interesting effects you could produce!

Also it would be a very good scene to post on Blendswap, would be very interesting to see what other people could do with it! I would for sure want to play around with this nice project! :yes:

*Jakerlund- thanks :slight_smile: I recently work in Cycles more often because of rendering time I must say. In Cycles the time is more comfortable, for quick renders especially. Yafaray has quite long render times. But in other hand Yafaray doesn’t produce fireflies and noise in the way Cycles does… Anyway I use Cycles more often now :wink:
I have Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB. Overall it’s very good graphic card, sometimes I need more ram to fit whole scene, but I’ve learned how to adjust the scene to my computer requirements :slight_smile: So I’m happy with my card.

*numblemon, martin.hedin- Yes, I agree that the lighting is a bit flat here. It’s a compromise between rendering time and fireflies produced by Cycles. I still have a problem with the lighting setup in a fully closed scene. Here I had to use fill light in the center of the room. Maybe this is the case. I was quite happy with the result so I didn’t do antything more with the scene.

Thanks for Your replies :slight_smile:
cheers, paulina.

Lovely design and nice space to have a coffee and do some blending! Can I ask, is this a commission?

I agree with the lighting advice, it does seem flat somewhat and easily identified as a computer-generated image though I don’t know if ‘photo-realism’ was the aim or just conceptual design?

The wood is nice though maybe overly displaced - it looks freshly sawed and could give customers splinters! Not sure about the material for the black wall - or the lighting of it, maybe, because it looks TOO perfect. Other than that it looks fantastic and I’d gladly drink there anytime!

Hej, tutaj Łukasz z Opola.
Powiedz mi droga Paulino :), widzialem twoje portfolio, Ty te projekty zrobiłaś na zlecenie za pieniądze (np. ten bar Wedla) czy może to tylko twoje portfolio, i zrobiłaś ten bar po prostu dla siebie?

Bardzo ładne rendery, pozdrawiam ; )

*MarcJames- thanks for Your comment. I agree with You of course :slight_smile: There are some issues here and there and I’m still try to work on it. I always don’t have enaugh time to refine the design in more detail. Here I had only 3 days to make the whole concept. I hope that someday I will be able to sit down to work and dedicate at least a month to get every detail. :slight_smile:

Cheers, paulina.

*evilferber- Witaj Łukasz, dzięki za komentarz :slight_smile: Większość projektów, które robię, jest później wdrażana, czasem są to projekty na zlecenie, czasem wygrane przetargi. Rzadko kiedy mam czas na zrobienie czegoś dla siebie, tak po prostu do portfolio ;-).
Projekt kawiarni Wedla był akurat projektem konkursowym, tak samo jak projekt kuchni Cook Around projektowany dla Siemensa. Natomiast inne projekty z mojej strony, np. kaplice na lotniskach- są to projekty przetargowe.
Kaplica na lotnisku w Łodzi była wygranym przetargiem i jest już zrealizowana, kaplica na lotnisku w Warszawie też jest projektem, którym wygrałam przetarg i aktualnie jest w trakcie realizacji. Blox House- projekty domów systemowych są projektem moim i mojego męża i wchodzimy właśnie w etap realizacji.
Projekty wnętrzarskie, prawie wszystkie są projektami na zlecenie klientów prywatnych i też zrealizowane lub w trakcie realizacji.
Jak mam chwilę wolną, to lubię startować w konkursach. Zawsze daje mi to szansę na zrobienie czegoś świeżego, tematu, którego może nigdy sama z siebie bym się nie podjęła :slight_smile:

Pozdrawiam, paulina.