Chocolate River

I have been asked to create a chocolate river animation to project down the center isle during a play for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is what i have so far, i tweaked the fluid sim some and was able to come up with a nice shader for the chocolate.

The grass was rendered with the cycles hair patch (which is awesome). Took some tweaking, but i think it looks good.

Biggest problem i’m having at the moment is populating the area around the grass with different types of candy. I was thinking twizlers or something. Very tricky to get the shaders to look right. If you guys have any suggestions that’d be great :eyebrowlift:

Because the rendering would have been so intensive, the pieces were rendered separately and then composited together in GIMP.

Let me know what you think. I sure hope that my chocolate river doesn’t look like mud :stuck_out_tongue:

After a bit of a break of posting on BA, it’s nice to be back :slight_smile: