Chocolate Truffles

This is a render I have been working on at work as a promo for a chocolate company we represent. This scene will be part of a promo video we are working on. I’m quite pleased with the way this has turned out so far and am very interested in hearing from others about ways to continue to improve it. Thoughts?

This came out great! The truffles are very convincing, the package wraps really came out great as well. When I clicked on the pic to see the larger image the only thing that may have a looked slightly off is the lid to the truffles container. It seemed like it could possibly have just a touch too much bump. But I really can’t say for sure because I don’t have a photo to reference. Just curious, what is the lid made out of? But really nice job on the entire compostion.

If you care to share with us, I’d like to see your node set up for the chocolate shader.

Great work! I can’t come close to that.

Some ideas or suggestions:

The bowl in the background is filled with opened pieces of chocolate, which feels a bit strange seeing unopened in the front. I prefer that nobody has opened my chocolate, perhaps they should be wrapped?

Also… just a couple of ideas… but the slogan has “decadence” in the wording. Some paper wrappings laying around, a piece that was half eaten and a champagne glass laying down almost empty with some lipstick on? I don’t know, but it feels too neat for decadence.

Technically… I’m speechless. Nothing to say about that more than fantastic :).

It is a wonderful image to me, a great work!

5 stars, nothing else to say,

EDIT: nope, I want to also say: welcome to this forum!!!


If you care to share with us, I’d like to see your node set up for the chocolate shader.[/QUOTE]

Funny you should ask about the chocolate shader as it is actually the simplest. I was very surprised myself at how well this basic setup worked out.

Also, thanks for the fun suggestions regarding decadence. You are right that this doesn’t seem like the setting belongs to someone living decadently.

Funny you should ask. Here is my amazing chocolate node setup! I was very surprised at how nicely such a basic setup turned out.

Great work! Your work is very impressive.

This is quality work. Agree with the lid remark. Maybe it is made like that to give it an old school look, can’t say without a reference pic.
About the chocolate: it does look realistic (something to aim for in blender). However, since it’s for advertising purposes this may be the wrong choice.
Advertising is basically professional lying so maybe it should look deeper, darker and glossier than it is.

Get some Fresnel on that chocolate.:wink:

Looks awesome. Very nice. Only thing I can point out is the background, it’s quite bare and then it just disappears into darkness. The setup with the tin, chocolates, letter, and table covers is great.

Looks great to me.

Steve S

great shot !

Amazing picture :slight_smile: I love the composition, and the atmosphere it gives.

Same remark as the others, when I opened it in fullscreen the lid catched my eye and I thought, it looks fake. The truffles and package wraps are very good though :o

But I have a question, do you use the exact same model for the two wrappings in the foreground ? I believe they have the same ‘foldings’ and flaws, which would be very unlikely in reality.

Sweet! Just one idea. Try to add a cup of tea. It’ll add some realism to the scene;)

I’m sensing this may be an opportunity for me to learn about a great new feature. I’ve never used Fresnel. Could you explain?

Yep, it’s a great feature. It’s possibly one of the most versatile nodes there is. In real life, any reflective surface you see will have angular reflections. Grab something that’s reflective. Now, look at it from the top. You’ll see that it doesn’t reflect much. Now, look at it from almost a side view. You’ll see that it reflects much more. In Blender, add a Fresnel node. I don’t know which category it’s in, just search for it.:stuck_out_tongue: Plug the output from the Fresnel node in the the factor input of the mix shader. That’s pretty much all you have to do. You might to find the the exact IOR of chocolate to get a better result, but that’s up to you.