Chocolate! >>UPDATE<<

I wanted to try making a new material and thought of chocolate.
Then here it is!

Everything made with blender except the lower corners that had some special treatment with GIMP.

C&C welcome.



lighting? i cant see anything…

The chocolate scene looks dark.

I like the liquid swirl, but the candy bar seems too fake. Try using bumpmap next time, it is just another option to making the 3D lettering look more realistic, instead of meshing the lettering.

I am working on a new render, light is one thing that i am working on.
when it finishes i will post it here.
I also am fixing the chocolate bar. I changed the material to flat.
Thx for replies.

The render just finished. I forgot smoothing the letters. it took 1h-2h.
It is more eatable now at least :smiley:

The letters and the border of the bar stick out too much. It also looks too smooth (but better than your previous bumpmap). The liquid looks great.

I made it better now:


Hey that actually looks pretty cool. Way better than your first render.

Thx! :smiley: I thought so too.