Choice of VCS

Hi there.
I’m a complete beginner to anything 3d related and thinking about finally starting with Blender as I’ve been meaning to for quite a while, now. Probably will be very slow - have enough other stuff to do - but I guess it’s better to start and learn slowly than to wait for “enough time to learn” that may not come for years (if ever). Might start with that CG Masters introductory course. Looks promising. (And the one-time fee makes it more suitable for people with limited time to spend.)

But I’ve been wondering, what do people 'round here usually use as VCS and/or backup system? Will git (+bitbucket) do or is there something more suitable for 3D stuff (preferably free of charge for private use)?

This thread may be better suited for the Technical Support forum*, but you do have a few options. I’m assuming that you mean this for art assets and not code assets. For art assets, you can use git, but it tends to perform poorly with large binary files. For a distributed VCS, I’ve found that Mercurial tends to perform a little bit better. Up until recently, the open movie projects at the Blender Institute have used Subversion for their system, though I believe that they’ve been doing a lot more with Attract (their homebrewed solution… which I believe is being integrated into the Blender Cloud as part of the project service they offer). I’ve seen some projects dabble with Sparkleshare and Dropbox to varying success as well.

Part of it depends on the size and scope of your project. If it’s just you, then it doesn’t matter all that much. Use what’s most comfortable. If you’re involving other people in the project, that’s where things start to get… um… interesting. :slight_smile:

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I have a really strong dislike for svn.
And I imagine with Dropbox I’d run out of space in no time (and it’s also a hassle if/when you want to include other people in a project.
SparkleShare I didn’t know but its website states that it “uses the version control system Git under the hood”, so why add an obsolete level of indirection?
I’m also not subscribed to the blender cloud (yet?), so no Attract for me (which you say is also not yet integrated anyway).
Guess I’ll stay with bitbucket. :smiley:

Thanks, though.
But yeah, do feel free to move this to wherever you feel it belongs.