Hi! I’ve been using blender for a few years now, but I’ve mostly been playing around with physics and simulations and made a ton of different tests. It is very recently that I actually attempted creating some art, so I guess you should consider me a beginner.
Here’s a project that I’ve made. I must admit that I ripped off Andrew Price a little bit considering the house and the snow, but I think I managed to add something of my own to it.
I’m not completely happy with this project though, but I don’t really know what to do about it. In other words, constructive critique would be appreciated.
Also, I couldn’t get the vector blur node working (yes, vectors were enabled in the render settings), an I also couldn’t make the snow particles show up on a separate render layer. Any ideas?


A nice piece, the snow looks realistic and the mood is good.

love it ! :smiley:

Thank you!

Very good :smiley:

It’s very nice in mood, It feels a tad empty though (which you may have been going for). I think, if you added a bit more ‘personality’ to the cabin it would feel a bit more whole. maybe add a few more things leaning on it or add a pile of wood next to it, remove a plank, etc. Welcome to world of beginners, btw ;D