Choices for inexpensive homebuilt rendering PC

Greetings. I’m new to the Blender program and community. I’m already chafing at the slowness of my PC on rendering, especially the basic animations I’ve done so far. The box is an 850 mHz Athlon running Red Hat Fedora Core 5, it’s only got 256 mB of RAM but that will change soon with another gB added as soon as it comes in the mail. I built this box and it works fine, just too slow on render. I’d appreciate suggestions on a faster machine that I can build for less than $500 all told.

The box would be dedicated to graphics work in Blender and The GIMP.


if electricity is not a concern, get a Pentium D 805 dualcore and overclock the hell out of it. Please don’t be afraid to crank up the speed since that processor has tons of untapped potential. The 805 is old, but really cheap since intel is trying to get rid of all their old netburst cpus. get a good mobo and a gig of RAM to go with that and you’ll be good for at least two years.

of course there is always the latest setup which i assume is out of yor reach so i am not doing to mention core 2 duo, core 2 quad, or the 4x4 here :smiley:

Get a core 2 duo processer!!!

Even the cheapest (E6300) is way better than pentium D’s!