I been having some minor problems with collision detection. Sometimes it seems to work well other times not at all. I wonder if it is because of my hookup, giving my object choices. I use a radar sensor The radar is set up like this, In prop i write the prop name I set Ang and Dist, The “f” is 0 and the true and neg pulse are not selected at all and of course i make sure the correct axis is set, this is hooked up to an AND controller, then to a left turn actuator, a right turn actuator,(i have states) and a random actuator (bool uniform 50 50 pick) In the property box i just write the name of the property. Is that the correct way to do it? Is there a better way? Any guesses on why i am having this problem?


i would try to select the object over the


list, and then

bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner.getDistanceTo("object of desire")

to get a distance limit you want.

I know sometimes the collision makes strange things, so probably not best for safe detection.

I wanted to use the logic bricks. By the way is there a script for collision detection? If all else fails i will try python.