choking on frame rate

i have a new intel core duo whatever you call it computer, but for some reson one of the more important rooms in my game is choking along at a lousy 3 frames a second.:mad:
here is the .blend with that room only.

is it my computer? is there any suggestions on how to increase framerate. (dont mind the textures, they were placed in a hurry.)

Well, I have an old and slow computer but the game always stayed well above 60 (usually 80 +). Nowhere near 3, so it must be your system. I’ve heard of this problem before (slow framerates with fast computer). Sorry, I don’t know what’s causing it, but I hope that little bit of info helps.

PS: You could really shave the poly count on the trees, you have like half of your total 8k vertices on like 4 or 5 trees. That whole scene would probably look near identical with about 2,500 vertices/faces or less.

Yeah, us folks with the old-school PC’s always count those faces! :evilgrin: For some reason, which I don’t quite understand and is a complete contradiction to what most people claim, big textures don’t cause that much slow-down on my system. In contrast, using one near sensor is about the equivalent of adding 10,000 faces. :yes:

so if i tear down some of the logic my game will run faster?

what if i install python? will that help?
will it speed up when i turn it into an executable?

i noticed if i turn it into shaded mode it runs at 60 fps…
does that mean i will have to make a game without textures just so I can play it…:confused::frowning:

your main problem is you have the colision setting set for every frame of the objects. anywhere where you don’t need colisions to happen turn it off. That can kill frames majorly!

turn it off by going to face select mode, select the faces you dont want to have colision, go to the place where you set light to on and turn off colision.

mmm… what the size of the texture your using?

turn it off by going to face select mode, select the faces you dont want to have colision, go to the place where you set light to on and turn off colision.

the place where i tell light to turn on… hm… in the materials tab? :confused:

im having a wee bit of trouble finding it…:o

most of my textures are 512X512 or smaller. some are pretty big though

nope, i definatly dont know how to turn off collisions…

i select my face
go to the materials tab
select the little light bulb thingy
and!.. there is nothing in the little light bulb thingy

am i looking in the wrong spot?

seriously, i cant find it. its starting to get me pissed

this should help me!

you have to go in UV select mode. than select all faces, (A), thennnnnnnnn… press w. select set Light. BTW dont pm me for this please… and try not to … quadruple post?? well use edit instead

sorry, i just tend to get angry at my compooter all to often. hey but at least you helped me, (thats alot more than most would have done):smiley:

  1. Take collisions off of every face.
    None of your visible objects should be dynamic or have collisions.

  2. Make very basic meshes to go over your non-collision objects (call these collision cubes or collision objects)

  3. The collision objects will have no visibility (flip normals or use logic. I prefer logic).

  4. Join any meshes that are part of the land scape ( Do Not Join Collision Meshes and Non-Collision Meshes!)

This should help. It has doubled the frame rate in some of my projects.

ill try that. but i also noticed that if i remove my skybox, the frame rate beefs up some…

is there a way i could turn the typical gray background into another color?

yes you got to Material than the world tab and you can change the colour of your default backgrounds, but you cant use texture for modifing the background in the BGE

WOAH!!! SORRY!!! I kinda had to leave school!!!:wink:

Yea, i suck at explaining things -That beat up game is awesome though!!!:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

That collision thing should knock your frame rate WAY up though…

Naturally, the less ‘logic’ a game has the faster it will run, but unless I’m looking at a different game than everyone else, you don’t have much logic yet.

Installing Python won’t help with the framerates, but it doesn’t hurt to install it.

Executables don’t run much faster than running your game through Blender. This probably varies by PC.

You have a few issues with your game, but there is absolutely no reason this game is running at 3 fps, like you have claimed. You said you have a new core duo or something, right? Well, I have 6-year old computer! You mean to tell me that my ‘model T’ runs faster than your new Ferrari? Makes no sense, does it?

That said, the crux of your problem is likely with your PC. Windows Vista? There are known issues with Vista. I suggest you should ask Microsoft what the problem is.

As far as the collisions go? Well, I didn’t see any dynamic objects other than the crates which need to be dynamic. If the objects are not dynamic, it does no good to remove the collisions, unless you want your object to walk through things. Again, I wonder if we’re all looking at the same game here?

PS: If you still have frame rate issues, try downloading my FPS (search FPSSA). Without the frame limiter on, I think it runs 140 + fps (on my crappy old PC). It is based on Social’s fps.

PS: Seriously, if this is how the new core duos run, I think I’ll stick with my old AMD Athlon.

WOAH!!! SORRY!!! I kinda had to leave school!!!

Yea, i suck at explaining things -That beat up game is awesome though!!!

That collision thing should knock your frame rate WAY up though…

my beat up game? well, i try… :o

anyway, can anyone tell me the script to make things invisible. (or just how to make things invisible)

(p.s. i have two computers, one is a core duo with vista the other is a 6 year old pentium 4 with xp. it runs slow on both… )

I’ve got a 3 year old laptop. It does me fine!

now that im back on a high speed internet heres a pic! ![file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/ernst-su/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg](file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/ernst-su/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg)