Choo Choo WIP

Something more earth-bound for a change. The ground is using micro polygon displacement, but it’s a sample from Poliigon because I’m too cheap to commit to the paid tier, so it is a little weak. Also, the signage on the coal car is also done with micro polygon displacement. It is a pretty cool feature. Blender is really upping its game as of late. Textures to follow shortly. Thanks for viewing. :slight_smile:

The valve-gear is too simplified for an actual locomotive. (Yes, someone will notice. Instantly.)

The front wheel could not actually be “driven” and therefore would not be there. Torsional stresses inherent in such an arrangement would have blown-out the cylinder packing in no time, so they never would have done it. The cylinder diameter is that of a low-pressure cylinder in a compound engine but this engine is not compound.

The camera angle and point-of-view noticeably “stretches” the cow-catcher which (a) is as long as the cab itself, and (b) most locomotives didn’t have anyway.

It’s based on this image. As far as I can tell it’s a Baldwin Locomotive #100, known as Ouray running on the Durango+Silverton line in or around the 1890’s. Baldwin Locomotive’s has many train models very similar to this one with a drive train very similar to the one modeled above. I don’t know squat about trains, so I’m not going to debate this with you, but as far as I can tell, this train did exist, in the configuration in which I modeled it. If you want to see the drawings I worked off, I’ll post them too.