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Several weeks ago, I stumbled on Blender. And since then, it’s AMAZING how it has opened my eyes to the world around me. Now, I notice every light, every shadow, and textures I never knew objects had. NOTHING is smooth… and NOTHING is really BLACK or WHITE but somewhere just in between. After fumbling through the program for a while, reading the manuals and books, and going through dozens of tutorials, I’m starting my first real project.

About 4 years ago my father passed away. Since then, our house has been completely remodeled. Nothing remains of when he was here. Looking through some old photographs, I noticed that in the corner of many of them is the seat where he used to sit, at the end of the sofa. And in EVERY one… it’s the same. The same worn-out armrest… The same ashtray filled with cigarette butts, and always one burning… The same half-filled glass of Coca-Cola… The same remote control with the worn-out buttons… And of course, the same TACKY lamp with the smoke stained shade. I want to re-create that scene, do some post work to make it look like an oil painting and have it printed as a lithograph, framed, and hung next to the spot where he used to sit.

Well, that’s what I’m curently working on, if anyone’s interested. I encourage everyone to try and share the stories behind their work that they post here. After all, it’s only through sharing our INSPIRATIONS that we INSPIRE others.


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Wow… thanks for sharing that truly beatiful and spiritually fulfilling post. It is a nice sentiment. It is a wonderful lesson. It is a very pure and enlightened form of artwork.

With all the flames, debates, etc. that take place within this blender community… it’s so good to see that behind the facade, underneath everything… it is the noblest parts of the human experience that come through.

Good luck with your blender journey. I hope that through this art tool you can continue to find the positive goodness that seems to already pervade your life.

Thank you again for sharing this. It was a humbling moment that brings forth the essence of all that was good about the “mindshare” dream…



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That really is a good idea Choo, good luck on your project.

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wow, reading that made my day.

wonderful story, I wish you all the luck in the world with this project. My father had a heartattack last year. He survived. standing on the side of his hospital bed, tubes sticking out everywhere, I saw my father for the first time actually having pain, that experience changed my life spiritually. 4 months later me and my dad were Diving together in the Red Sea in egypt.
Why do these things always have to happen before we realize that life is so short?

I hope your prjoject works out, and thanks for sharing your story, i know that a lot of people will start thinking after reading it.


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Choo’s post is worth the read…

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Choo I really must say you have had the same experience as me when i discovered blender. It is funny how recreating and reproducing things around you make you more appreciative and aware of the evryday beuty around you.

I changed from a business degree to an arts degree, purely because of how blender made me stop and observe the world around me.

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Thanks for all your help and support. I’m glad to see that others relate to my experiences and thoughts. and thanks for the bump Jason (man, don’t you ever sleep?) The project is actually coming along better than I expected. I just saw that my TACKY LAMP has over 400 views. Hopefully the finished product will have as much success. I’ve decided not to post until it’s completely finished. But I will still probably be asking you all for advice on certain things. YOU GUYS ROCK!


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That is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing that with us, i wish you the best of luck with blender and i hope you make a really beautiful picture that will always inspire you with great memories of your father.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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damn roadkill… :wink:

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bumpity bumpity bumpity… bump

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I too havew undergone the same thing…

i was sitting around last year in my parents room watchiung tv, and my mom left a perfume bottle out. I looked at i and it left the most beautiful caustics and refraction. I startedlooking at everyhting in 3d. All the colours are morwe fvibrant, all the light is brighter. Life has become more beautiful thanx to blender… no joke.

Next time you see a glass fo water i nthe sunlight. stop to look at it and appricate its worth

Your a good guy choo. glad i am nto alone on that

(Detritus) #13

Exactly the same has happened to me:

it was first when I started to use Blender that I actually SAW the things around me. :o Saw all the details and scratches, saw all little buttons and stains on stuff. Before Blender I just saw things like “Computer”, “chair”, “clock” and so on. But now I see what shapes they´re made up by. It really changes you way of seeing life.

Good luck with your project, I´m looking forward to see it.

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Just another little update. I ran into a little problem. In my scene, I’m not sure whether or not to include the cigarettes and ashtray. You see my father died of lung cancer, but smoking was still a big part of who he was and a big part of my memories of him. I used to be angry with him because he smoked, but have come to understand that it’s just who he was. Do you think it would be in bad taste to include them?

On another note. I have found that using Blender has somewhat changed the way i relate to other people. This may seem a little strange, but stay with me. In life, we strive for PERFECTION. In the things that we do, the things we create. Yet we dicover in Blender that it’s the IMPERFECTIONS that make or work more interesing… more REAL. I took a break from my project to explore some other aspects of Blender… namely animation. I modelled a simple head and did some animation tests. Well, as research, I’ve bee REALLY watching the people around me. Paying attention to all their expressions and traits. Well, I took it a step further and realized that you can ACTUALLY influence the people around you in a very simple way. You can ANIMATE them… You can make someone SMILE :slight_smile: , FROWN :frowning: , BE STARTLED :o , LAUGH :D, CRY :frowning: , BE ANGRY :x … Sometimes we don’t realize how much of an influence we are on the world around us. Give it a try. (I recommend making someone smile- it’s the most fun) And learn to appreciate everyone’s imperfections. It makes them more interesting… more REAL.