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Here´s my latest work. Hope you like it. :wink:

I know the animation is not polished but the deadline was too close. Please comment and critique and tell me what can be changed to make it better.
I do almost everything but the bird and frog models. Modeling, rigging, story, animation, everything in 15 days.

pass: tersuave

soon i’ll upload some character turnarounds and maybe more making.

Thanks a lot!

Oh wow… I wish I could do stuff like that in 15 days! O.o

Hopefully someday :slight_smile:

I can see the animation may be a little off, but otherwise I would say it looks really good!

Yeah, i know. Deadline was too tight;but i think that if i would have 10 days more i could do a second pass to polish animation! i haven’t touched the curves, just did the blocking and keyframed just one time everything. So, i did a sort of “rough” animation for the final product. :wink:

I won’t be helpfull…
I really like it that way!

Only 15 days to make it…

No hay muchas colores, pero esta bien, porque podemos concentrar en las cosas importantes!
No conocia tersuave, he visto que es una marqua argentina, pienso que no existe en mi pais. Los modelos son de buenas calidades!
Perdona me si hay erores, soy estudiante de español! :smiley:

from modelling to animation to everything in 15 days, that’s great work.
But if you had more time, the animation could be better. the characters don’t seem to have much weight to them, even while falling or jumping. the anticipation before each step/jump and the impact on landings could definitely be improved.

Yes, of course! I know that, and i see it. It just was made with one animation pass :wink:
Thanks for taking the time for watch and comment!