i added a blend file. it included 3 scenes: first menu has 2 options (red and blue). second is main game ground. Third has 2 cubes and 2 cameras. (cubes can move and cameras can follow cubes).
İ want to ask: How can i make; when i chose blue plane at menu scene, game ground (scene1) will take blue cube and its camera from scene2 and i can play with them?

im asking this because im making a racing game. and im using vehicle wrapper. at my game there will be several cars and their options and their cameras. When i choose a car at menu. car and its environment must to come to my map.
Thank you


choose.blend (149 KB)

can anybody make?

I have seen the blend-file
euh . . . . . . I don’t understand anything you ask or what you would like.


now, i know i cant take objects from another scene, i will use layers.