choosing a GeForce 10 series card (1050, 1060, 1070, 1080)?

I do not play games on my computer; if I did it would be Solitaire.

  1. Given that I don’t play games is there an advantage with the 1080 ($620) over the 1070 ($400)?

Those prices are for the lowest priced models from EVGA.

Within the model numbers the prices range from $620 to $780 for the 1080 and from $400 to $490 for the 1070. With EVGA there are 11 different “flavors” of the 1080 versus 10 for the 1070.

  1. What advantages are there with going with the higher priced ones?
  1. The advantage is in the ability combined with a skill set. Expert gets more done in less time. Efficiency.
  2. Knowing own skills will give you the answer. ie. For a master, cheap means inefficient or hardly sufficient.

As it stands today… 1070 = best bang for the buck

Thanks, this is the kind of information I was looking for.

Now what about those different “flavors” of the 1070 that EVGA has? Do any of those help with blender?

No, not really. As you noticed, just a personal preference.
Hot dog with a ketchup, mustard, mayo… will still give you the same performance (in calories)… so whatever makes you feel better, can make you happier & thus run faster - even when the hurdles show on the track. Because it is your free willing choice :wink:

if you have an enclosed case with little vents, then the blower type cooler will be better (jets heat out the back). the dual fan acx whatever will just dump all the hot air back into the case and recirculate. also, if there is a high VRAM version, then go with that.