Choosing all connected vertices of a mesh

I am trying to edit a skeleton that I imported as a 3DS --> DXF file. It consists of many bones,
but is one object. I need to grab all the vertices of one bone, but I am having a hard time using selection by bounding box because the part of the bone in a joint is very close to an adjacent bone and I keep accidentally selecting vertices from other bones. Since the bones are separate meshes within this one object, it would be nice if I could choose a single vertex and ask to select all vertices connected to that one – that would select the bone, and I could then move it to the side, edit it at will, and move it back.

Is it possible to do this – select all vertices connected to a given vertex?

Is it possible to select one disconnected mesh in an object and make it a separate object (other than selecting all vertices of other meshes and deleting them, of course).



ctrl L :wink:

select one vertice of the mesh you want and hit the L key.

That’s it! How do y’all find this out? I’ve been reading all these tutorials, and it seems to be catch as catch can in finding these commands.

Thanks for the answer!


Actually, Ctrl-L works with the selected vertice while L works with the vertex closer to the mouse.


These things are in the menus (in this case Select -> Linked Vertices in Edit Mode). They weren’t made for nothing, you know!