Choosing File Browser from the Editor Type menu...what is this used for?

If I change a window type to the File Browser icon…what purpose does it serve?

It doesn’t appear you can open up files from just choosing the File Browser icon. I suppose you can browse for files, but there’s not much use in doing that since you can more easily do that in your operating system.

Of course, when this window type appears when opening or saving a file, it’s useful. But what purpose – if any – does it have if a user chooses File Browser via the window type icon?

You can e. g. drag and drop image files out of that file browser window directly into the UV/Image Editor or drag and drop image files into a node editor (where they are automatically “translated” into an Image Texture node)… Of course it’s up to you to decide how useful that is.

Ah – I did not know that. Thank you!