Choosing Game Genre for School Project

For my senior project next year, I want to make a game with Blender- although I’m not sure what kind of game I should make. I have between now and April/May of next year to complete it, but I’d like to do most of the logic/programming during the summer while I have time. The game would have to be-

-Relatively simple to program, but have at least some Python
-Able to run on lower end computers (support for both GLSL and Multi-Texture)
-Has to be fun to some extent
-Has to be completed in less than a year

My first thought was to make a short kart racer, but there are too many potential points where I could get stuck:

  1. Vehicle Physics- I don’t fully understand how it works, but I’ve heard of a vehicle wrapper in Python. It looks tricky though.

  2. Racing AI- self explanatory. I really don’t know how to go about this either. A node-based system might work, but it seems to eat up logic.

  3. Getting race positions- again, not sure how this would work either. I’ve seen some posts on the forums about it, but I’m still relatively new to Python.

If I were to make a kart game, it would probably be a more linear stunt-based game (similar to Trackmania, if anyone has ever played it), although vehicle physics would still be an issue.

I’m to think of other possible genres/ideas instead of a racing game, but I’m not sure what. Does anyone have suggestions for a game genre that I can realistically finish with the above four points?

I think you have enough time to finish a race game.

Check Visual VehicleWrapper for an easy entry to the car physics. It allows you some stunts already.

Regarding car AI, there are some threads in this forum. I can’t tell how good they are. The simplest AI would be to follow waypoints.

You should plan enough time to polish the game flow, and to create level content. Do not do too much. I’m pretty sure it will take longer then you expect now.


I forgot:

  • puzzle games
  • labyrinth games

@Monster- Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to experiment a bit with the vehicle wrapper soon. I’ll look more into what really goes into a racing game so I can decide If I’m up to the challenge.

You’re totally right about polishing the game flow- I’d like to make this look as clean and professional as possible, so I’m making sure to commit a lot of my time to that regardless of what game genre I do. I’d like to have four different tracks to race, but I’ll start with just one and build it up from there.

Also, I was considering doing an arcade style game, but I feel that it would be too easy and that I would just be recreating Pong or something- just with better graphics. The school project is supposed to present a challenge anyway, so I thought I might try the racer. I just want to make sure that it’s not totally out of my range (like a MMORPG).

Also as a side note, I would have to release this as an .exe, but I’ve seen a lot of people on this forum who run into big problems when doing this. I really hope I don’t run into this problem…