choosing right hardware for starter

Hello my name is Matt

I am planning to learn CGI/3D from the scratch. The whole reason I am learning is to apply CGI/3D in the video (well at least that is what I am planning right now). I really need your expert and experience

As I am the very very starter for both 3D and Blender, do not really know where to start. My best guess is buying starter hardware. I saw many people with custom setups (build up PCs, which I never built one before). Since I do not have experience with building PC, it makes more difficult to choose right and compatible parts because there are so many variations out there. Then how about buying workstations? Correct me if I am wrong but those are expensive than building one right? Also, I am not sure if I should spend a lot of money for hardware that I barely use the full capacity.

I saw other posts about asking their PC setup, sadly I have none for now.

Sincerely yours