Choosing the graphics card for blender and graphics work

My system -
Intel Core2Duo
Mobo DG41RQ
RAM 2GB DDR2 + (will buy 2Gb more)
Express g41 Chpset intel
Ubuntu 12.04 32bit

Now you see, in this system, while rendering it takes full CPU and the pc gets slow. I was thinking if I add a 1gb graphics card/gpu, it will take the load instead of cpu and everything will go smooth. Now while browsing Nvidia’s site, I found they have Quadro for professional graphics work and GetForce for gaming. I can’t afford Quadro - they are too high priced for me. I was wondering if Getforce can do the same - relieving CPU and render!
I didn’t see AMD ATI yet though.
Which one will do the thing I am looking for? i.e. Render without bothering the CPU!:spin:

Hi, blender don´t profit from a quadro card you can go for a Gaming card.
I have a GTX 550 Ti 2 GB DDR5 and it is ok render a bit faster than my i5 ~30%.
The new GTX 600 series is a bit slower as the GTX 500 was, nvidia optimize gaming.
If you find go for a GTX 550Ti or higher, cheaper cards make no sense.

Cheers, mib.

For GPU rendering see
ATI is not an option and forget the Quadro, belnder does not benefit in rendering speed because its a Quadro, there are better and cheaper alternatives.
What is best for you is really subject to how much you are willing to spend. There are numerous threads on this Technical Support fourm discussing pros/cons/best graphics card.

Your system sound pretty old/relatively low spec for current PCs. Check that for any new graphics card your other systems can support it, such as whether your power unit is sufficient to meet its demands above what is currently required by your system.

SO which is more beneficial?
Option 1.
Change the mobo to be compatible with DDR3
Get 4 or 2GB DDR3 RAM

or, Option 2.
Get this GPU - Nvidia 9400GT
Add 2Gb DDR2 more

In both cases, I cant afford to change the processor.

Which one will do the thing I am looking for? i.e. Render without bothering the CPU

If you want that, the 9400GT graphics card won’t give you gpu accelerated rendering.

Suggest one then, Just not so highpriced. Minimum.
And How should I detect easily which one will give rendering and which not?

Bandwidth difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is not going to improve the speed in any way, stick with DDR2 unless you plan on changing the CPU. 9400GT is not unfortunately going to benefit your system a lot either (at least in Cycles), other than making the viewport rendering faster. You might really want to consider saving up for a GTX400 or GTX500-series card if you like Cycles.

The GTX prefix means the card is reasonably powerful and modern for GPU accelerated rendering (Cycles using CUDA), don’t go for GT 440 or anything of the like, unfortunately OpenCL doesn’t work yet so AMD Radeon cards are not going to benefit you. GTX 460, 470, 480, 550 Ti, 560, 560 Ti, 570 and 580 are all going to improve the Cycles rendering speed especially in relation to your quite old CPU.

Still, stuff like subsurfacing/multi-res and sculpting are still going to be sluggish since they rely on your CPU.

I was thinking to get a GT600, but I see you suggested only GTX series, that’s twice the money I saved :smiley: So until I save enough you think rendering in cycles (CPU only) will harm my pc or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, here is a spreadsheet with many cards rendering the BMW benchmark.
For example a gt 640 need 4 minutes and my GTX 550Ti need 1.50 minutes.
It cost nearly double as the GT 640, you get nearly 200% power for 200% dollars :).
The same for GTX 680 and so forth.

Cheers, mib.

well render in 4 minutes is better because cpu takes 40minutes :smiley:

Ha ha, then it is a big improvement for you. :)Cheers, mib.

Well this happens when the computer salesman tricks you :stuck_out_tongue: My pc is not old, just 3years. But then I hadn’t much knowledge about computer specs and they gave me backdated things and billed huge :stuck_out_tongue: :mad:

Lesson learned.