choosing the right program

Hi , i’m completely beginner at animation and i’ve never tried any 3d animation program

so , my question is :

is Blender a good program to start with ? , or there is a better one for me as a beginner .

It is the best for the money

Blender would even be worth $200 or more

but seeing as it is GPL …

Having used commerical software, I can say, for a beginner / hobbyist, there is really no need to fork out cash when Blender is around. It is highly capable and there are lots of free tutorials out there to teach you the ins and outs of the software. Unless you are thinking of getting into VFX as a job and need an “industry standard” package, I’d dive right in if I were you. If you download the ZIP rather than installer, you can even run it from a USB stick, bonus.

I would say to go ahead and start using Blender, as you’re not going to find anything better until you get well above the 1000 dollar mark (short of indie or personal editions which usually come with some notable limitations).