Chopper Blueprints

Hi, I want to create a 3D chopper model but I don’t know where to get blueprints. I already tried the-blueprints. com, I’m looking for something in the style of American chopper [discovery channel series].
thx a lot

P.S. a site with motorbike engine blueprints would be also useful…

like on orange county coppers? (ps i actully li ve near the orange county coppers guys :D)

Do you know this site:
There might be also something you are looking for.

That was a good find!
You can also have a look at (3D bikes ALOT) (Big engine picture)

About customs: You need to decide wheel size and wheel base. Start with that and then add a engine of your taste and connect the parts with tubes with a design of your liking and you have your chooper. The engine is the hard part…been working on mine for quite some time now.

just like occ, I watch american chopper on discovery and Im a fan of their work.

just go to the occ homepage then…or use google.