Chopper final image

Hey gang,

not sure if I ever posted this or not… but a while back I was needing help with helicopter rotors. I present to all of you the Balac Assault Copter from the Mechwarrior Clix game by Wizkids. This is my real life attempt at it… Let me know what you think…



looks good, but could u post some more pics at different angles?

It’s a great m0del, I hope to see more from you in the future.

But I do have a constructive crit or two:

The helicopter needs grain to fit into the photo background more. It looks too pristine.

Compositionally, I’d slice-off the top of the picture, which contains a region that is much too bright.

You see, the eye is naturally and strongly attracted to the brightest region of a picture. That bright-spot competes with the model and then draws my eye completely up-and-away out the top-left side of the frame.

The crop-line I liked best slices horizontally through the chopper’s tail immediately behind the left-side horizontal fin; even slicing off the tail-rotor completely. This imparts a very strong sense of motion to the chopper and employs one of the strongest possible compositional elements – a diagonal line. It’s a very aggressive crop but I think it really improves the shot. Try it on a test-print.

The rotor-blur and the missile-exhaust are very satisfactory. This is a really nice shot.