Chopping a model into multiple model slices using a plane

I’m just wondering if there is some kind of add on that lets you use a plane to slice a model into two models, with both new halves having new faces along the cut and being two separate objects, kind of like slicing up a block of cheese with a knife.

If not, what is the most straightforward way to do this?

I’m trying to cnc route a mould based on glitch art which involves me modelling a model, slicing it up, shifting the pieces around a little bit and then joining it all back together. 3D modelling is just something I dip into now and again and not something I’m hugely competent at. I only started learning last year alongside a host of other things (painting, papercasting, metalwork… etc).

Add a Boolean modifier to the object with the plane as operation element, copy the object and play with Intersect / Difference, then apply the modifier for each part. Repeat with for more cutting planes…

Use the Bisect tool (T-panel):
Enter edit mode and select Bisect in the T-panel. Drag the mouse over the object to define the cutting plane.
Select one (using C or B selection) part and separate it §

Cut the object with the K-tool. Select all faces. Use Shift-K in order to also cut the hidden faces. Then select a part to separate it…

Fill the open geometry by loop selecting the open edges and pressing F.

Or: maybe some addon out there which does the job in less clicks…??

Boolean modifier won’t work reliably because the plane is non-manifold and boolean modifier works best when both objects have manifold geometry and consistent normals.

Mesh tool intersect (faces menu, ctrl+F -> intersect) allows to make cuts with plane geometry, obviously in edit mode. There’s also mesh menu -> clean up -> fill holes.

Recorded an example

Okay. Awesome! Thanks for getting back to me. The second post is as close to what I wanted as I could hope for so thanks!