Choppy Animations

I am attempting to render an animation in blender and save it to .avi (or any other standard). When I play it within blender it runs fine but when I play the .avi file it comes out all choppy. I am using blender 2.49 but I have also attempted the render in 2.5 and I even tried rendering the animation as jpeg’s and assembling them externally but it still comes out choppy. However it plays normaly within the assembling program. It only seems to have isues playing the exported .avi I have also tried using quick time but had the same isue.

I have no trouble playing other videos be it YouTube or DVD only what I have render in blender. It does play properly if I render in preview setting but of course the quality is terrible. Pleases someone tell me what I’m doing wrong. I am relatively new to blender animation and I hope I’m just making a simple mistake.

Computer Specs:
HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6500 @2.10GHz 2.10GHz
3.00 GB RAM
32-bit Operating System

Depending on your graphics card, playing video with 1080p or higher on your laptop can be slow.
If your animation is very short you could try putting a bunch of duplicates in a row and then rendering out to get past the initial hiccups your media player might be having while loading and opening the file.

Also make sure when you play it in blender that it is at the rate you want it. Meaning if you have stuff it needs to figure out you will notice that it may be playing at half what it should. Yet when you render it out it will play at the full rate. Example if you render it at 24 frames per second. In Blender it may not be showing it at that. Yet once you render it, it will.

J05ef: I thought of that but it playes normal vidios and DVD’s fine, its only my blender exports
SoftwareSspecia: when I said I was playing it in blender I meant I was hiting the playback button after I rendered, so it was moving at the right speed.

normal dvd video resolution is around 720 × 576 pixels. if your renders are bigger, they will play slower.
also: i’m not sure about this, but depending on where the bottleneck in your system is it might help to actually encode the video into mpeg or whatever standart suits best.