choppy frames when running standalone

Hello, I’m having trouble when compiling a standalone version of my game on blender 2.6. I get really choppy frames on 2.6, but i when i compile the same game on blender 2.4 i get smooth frames… so i don’t get what the problem is.

Are you running Blender on Windows? I have choppy frames when using alot of 2dfilters, and the mouse is responding very poorly on standalone, yet if I do the same thing on Linux everything works fine.

Have you tried doing the same thing on Linux?

no I’m on a Mac

Since you get a smooth gameplay with 2.4, I assume the problem lies in the way Python interprets your scripts (there’s a slight difference in Python for Blender 2.4 and 2.6). Have you tried adapting the codes? - I could be wrong though.
But unless it’s that, then it’s gotta be a bug imo. Can’t see any other reason.