Chosen by the big hand in the sky.

Well here is my first posted render, i’ts fairly close to being done, but it just seems like somethings missing, so ideas, comments, constructive criticism, questions are all appreciated.

are you going for a cartoony style? :confused:

Somewhat yes. Also I can’t model organic human type things very well.

i would put lightning in the sky.

P.S. i like the zeppelin avatar!

I would use Ambient Occlusion. It’s in the world buttons…

Nice stuff!

BumpyMonkey: I tried the Ambient Occlusion, it’s a subtle change but I like it thanks for the suggestion. Ledluver: The lightning is a good idea but I plan on using this for something specific, and I don’t want it looking to chaotic. Yes Led Zeppelin is awsome :slight_smile: .

the guy being chosen looks very flat. because the hand is above the guy, from our perspective, the image does not have depth; change the perspective to looking at it from an angle. See Sistene Chapel ceiling for perspective ideas.