Chow for now, aidios, goodbye

Well the house I was staying in sold and I’m moving, but that is a temp place so I’ll be off the internet for 1-3 months. But I’ll be back. My website will still be up and my email will too( although I won’t be able to check it as often. I was hoping to finish some projects and get them up in WIP or finished but got too caught up with other stuff so that will have to wait until I get back.

So it’s been fun and I’ll miss Elysiun and Blender peoples but should have lots of new stuff to show you when I return. Can’t wait to see all the new stuff people do with new Blender updates. I’ll still be online until Monday or Tuesday Utah time but thought I’d let you know what happened to the mysterious paradox and his often wordy posts.


Hey Paradox :slight_smile:

good luck with all things concerning your relocating :slight_smile:

and Welcome back later on!



Sad you leave for some months :(, I wish you luck moving to another place. Anyways, I’m sure the community will bring between now and 3 months, some cool updates, work and much more.

So, see ya about some months, and I hope you move safely, Bey. :smiley:

Greetz JD

shalom paradox, safe and prosperous journey to you

cool! when I first saw the post I thought you were leaving for good, so the body is good news for me.
You say you’ll have lots of stuff to show us when you return! excellent, we’ll be waiting :slight_smile:

We’ll miss you. :frowning:


utah time, eh? I lived in UT for a couple years. Like the license plates say there: “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. I miss the Uintahs!

Hope the move goes well. Is it a local move?

Thanks for all the postive comments everyone. nunance9, yes kind of local, I’m moving to Preston Idaho about 30 miles from where I live now in Logan Utah. Lived there a couple of years ago, smaller town, cheaper, and yet close enough to drive down here for major stores. The only thing that I don’t like is I won’t have broadband which I will miss. But who knows they’ve been talking about getting it up there for 2 years so maybe by the time I get settled. At least I can try out my site with dial-up which might prompt me to make it more user friendly. :wink:

This is a great community.

You will be missed. Hey maybe by the time you get back online the Blender community will have moved on to more advanced projects and software tools. You may have to update your Blender knowledge a bit.

See ya!

Good luck! And be back soon, we’ll miss you :slight_smile:


I told gran-gran to make you her special brownies.

Well by the time you get back, 2.32 will have been released and well run in. Betcha can’t wait huh!
See ya later then!

Bye my friend and good luck! Waiting for you to be back as soon as possible… :smiley:


Take care man! See you back soon.


hmmm… luckily this is a “see you later” :slight_smile:

Hey! These are times of rapid growth and change! By the time you’re back, elysiun will be a super community node, and Blender will prepare us all dinner :smiley:

good luck…

Thanks everyone, that’s why I like this community so much. Everyone is so willing to help, to share, to encourgage others and to support each other not only in Blender but when someone has a problem or a change in their lives. You are all great in my books.

One good thing already, I kept putting off taking in my cable box hoping 2.32 would be out and wala just in time. I’ll have a lot to catch up on when I come back but that’s ok I’ve plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.

I’ll be back with bells on my toes and blend files to share.

Keep on Blending.

PS. I’ll take that blender prepared dinner Fred_Pyo and gran grans special brownies Modron :wink: