Chris COrdovas sketches

Feedback appreciated

Tried to push the nose- size to an extreme here.

Pretty random.

He doesn’t look amused.

Definitely have some interesting sculpts here. If you’re interested in doing caricatured images, check out Kent Trammell’s Art of Sculpting course on CG Cookie, which has a section on Caricatures where he does one of Jonathan Williamson (and his twin).

Thx for the advice gradyp :slight_smile: I know about this course and i watched the video that he posted on youtube. These are just quick and dirty sculpts, random ideas i threw out there not intended to be the next great shape just good enough to prove the concept i was going for. If i would make these final there would be a lot more work involved and they would naturally be of much higher quality. Any of those sculpts took between 1 and 1 1/2 hours to make, so its really rough stuff. Yes i want to make stylized stuff not necessarily caricature but definitely stylized characters with caricature aspects and yes i have a lot to learn, but i really want to find my unique touch! Of course i will look into the stuff that thegood people do on the subjects that i want to take into my repertoire :wink:

A Hand. Pose could be more dynamic.

An arm somewhat muscular :wink: