Chris Dicker - Sketchbook

Hello blender people!
I think this sketchbook forum is a great idea! :slight_smile:

Here’s a silver birch I made after watching CG Geek’s tutorial on creating trees. I changed the method slightly to get the result I was after.

I’ve been making models for a friend who gets them 3D printed for tabletop war-gaming.
This is a dwarven warrior I’ve been working on.

Here’s a stargate-esque warp gate for the same friend.

My attempt at a space chair from the future!
In all honesty this would probably be very bad for your back…

Hard surface modelling… Yes, lots of practice!

The inspiration for this little guy was chopped broccoli. :yes:

More unfinished work of the meanderings of my brain packet…
I slapped a “chrome” material on this space ship and it ended up looking like some 70’s prog rock album cover! :eyebrowlift:

it is beauty :slight_smile: thank you for share :slight_smile:

Thanks susan1511! :slight_smile: