Christian Animations

(humphrey) #1

I was wondering how many people would be interested in creating Christian animations?
Maybe we could retell Bible stories or parrabels in today’s setting to make them relavent.
I saw the childrens show ‘vegetales’ the other week and I was just blown away. Vegetales is basically a childrens animation based on Bible stories. I’d have to admit though, that the modelling and rendering sucked, and believe that we could do a far better job with Blender.

So who would be interested in being a part of this idea???

I’m pretty busy myself at the moment with year 12 exams coming up in about 6 weeks. but after that I’d really like to see God glorified in some of our Blender animations??

Anyway… throw your suggestions below

(doogs) #2

Well for a person with the name MuffRules, I’m not really sure if that means a sexual innnuendo but I do think that it would be a very good venture to make 3d children’s shows with blender. It can be done. :slight_smile: I personally am not interested currently in anything of the sort, and I am a christian… Surprised, everyone? yes. but I encourage you.


(humphrey) #3

Just for the record, Muffy was a completely inocent nickname I had in primary school, and the name muffrules resulted because I was there for about 1/2 hour years back trying to find a username for my email account that hadn’t already been taken… And so that’s what I came up with.
As for the dodge meaning, it’s the first that I’ve heard about it :o

(mthoenes) #4

I am currently developing a Christian Children’s Video series.
Would you like to participate?
I have been a big fan of Veggietales, and now my children enjoy them.
There is a definite need for more Christian Children’s Videos.

You can find out more about my company established for this purpose.

(Hos) #5

You might want to change your nick if you are planning on doing
Christian animations. I thought your nick was based on a dirty
meaning (search google for “muff” to find out why).


(humphrey) #6

Name change done!

(humphrey) #7

wait up…

My old name is still there!!!

Um… Do I have to create a new account to get a new name???

(acasto) #8


sorry, couldn’t resist

(humphrey) #9

Man… I think I need some sleep!!

(humphrey) #10

Ok, I’m going to change my name…

Now can we get back to the original topic??


(digitalSlav) #11

and based on your signature you hump for free you dirty christian you!

(Dittohead) #12

Why are you picking on him?

what did he ever do to you??

i know it’s a ‘joke’(if you could call it that) but he’s tring to do something good here, so please stop spamming.

thank you

(humphrey) #13

Thanks dittohead…

and based on your signature you hump for free you dirty christian you!

Also Humphrey is my real name. If don’t like it, take it up with my mum!
Humphrey B. Bear is an Australian kid tv show. and one of my friends came up with humphrey b. person…

(valarking) #14

muff, dont even reply to this crap. seriously.

(Riskbreaker) #15

And on an unrelated issue, I went under the alias “Mr. Muff” in many online chats. No, seriously, I did. Not very christian, I admit, but that was a while ago when testosterone clouded ones mind more so than it does these days…or I could be wrong there…why am I replying again???

(CubeFan973) #16

Back to the original idea of this post.

This is a good idea, but I’m not Christian. BTW, what the heck is Veggietales? I think that more stories can be told about my religion (for fear of being flamed, I’m not posting what it is-I’m pretty sure we’re still stereotyped as bigamists nudge nudge), as films about it have become rather big lately (the first one took in about $3,000,000 and the original budget was about $300,000). There are like 8 coming up within the next 18 months-that should tell you how much money it makes
Anyway, does your bible say on the front, “Holy Bible,” or does it say something else?

(mthoenes) #17

If you want to know what Veggie Tales is, check out

(IMProvisar) #18

Hrm… a reply to no one in particular, but so long as they’re not annoying me with proselytization, most people I’ve met of the LDS have been some of the nicest people I’ve known. Even when proselytizing they’re not too bad. :slight_smile: Only thing is, I like coffee, sugar, alcohol, and other substances (all legal, I assure you) to much for that faith.

And, though that’s a common stereotype, I’ve got nothing against bigomy, or polygamy, or any other way people want to group themselves, so long as all are willing.


(humphrey) #19

Hey guess what!!! There’s a Veggietale move coming out!!!

I’m definitely going to watch that…

That is… When I’m in a really silly mood :smiley:

(Idgas) #20

I would like to help out in any way i could. Just let me know