Christian Developer's Network Speedgame 2009 (Contest)

Hi all. To begin with, this is not intended to be a religious post, so religious discussion will not be tolerated (as normal, per forum rules). This post is meant to be purely informational for those to whom it may be of interest.

The Christian Developers Network is hosting their fourth annual 2 week speedgame competition. I apologize for the late notice (the contest begins tomorrow), but I only just became aware of it yesterday myself.

Some of you may recall that Clean3D and I narrowly missed the submission deadline last year with our 2 week project “Solomon’s Treasure” (link in my sig). We’re hoping to do better this year, but it might also be nice if we’re not the only people/team showing up for Blender. I personally believe this is an excellent opportunity for Blender to shine as a quick game production suite, and it’s a load of fun to boot.

Complete details (including rules and theme) are available at the CDN website:

Wow, thanks Blendenzo! I didn’t know about this.

Can’t wait to try some of the games. :smiley:

Thank you for pointing this out!
My brother and I are going to try and enter a game using blender.
I hope we can come up with a good idea.

Do you know if we have to post or submit anything for the design phase (June 9TH to 12TH), before we start working on the game June13th?

I think all you have to do is post a submission by the deadline. It would probably be nice to drop in and say “hi” though.

We’re still trying to work out what our game will be about. The theme this year is alot more difficult that last year’s if you ask me.

hey blendenzo can I join ur team ?

I have to say though the prizes that they listed don’t interest me one bit aside from the cash ?

I don’t think we could handle anymore people at this point. We’re already at four people, not counting music/sound. I do hope you still do participate, though.

Good news is that we just got off of TeamSpeak and it seems like we’ve picked a topic and we’re starting to hash it out. This has the potential to turn out really well.

Well, I wasn’t planning on buying Torque anytime soon, but I wouldn’t mind having a copy. Besides that, the money sounds intersting, but there’s no telling how much it really is. I guess I’m really in it for the fun of it mostly.