Christian Game Project

I am putting together a team to create a game based on the principles of Christianity. So far I have the basic movement and attack done, which you can see here. This is the site I have created for the project. If you have any interest please join, we are in need of members. So far it is just myself and a friend, I will be mainly working on python scripting and in-organic modeling, my friend will be doing script writing(not the programming kind). The main positions I need are modelers, texture artists, and python coders. If you are interested in having fun while serving the Lord, please join this project. More information can be found on our site and forums. Thank you.

Hmmmmmmmm…I’m in! I’ll do music and sound design. :smiley:

Sweet! Can you go ahead and register on our site please.

Why soytenly.


Done and done :smiley:

Hey can i be in also?

This sounds interesting… Before I join (if I do), I would like to see how a christian game can be made with fighting. (Assuming that is what the cube was doing.) It would probably be hard to make a game that would be really fun to play and will actually be good for you. Since sinning is what most people enjoy doing (fighting, shooting people, stealing stuff) that’s all the stuff that is in these big famous games (Call of Duty,for example, or Grand Theft Auto). Although you could just make a game like The legend of Zelda, or Mario, but I don’t see how you’d implement the principals of christianity into it.

In other words, show me some story and gameplay :stuck_out_tongue: I might join later, but I am busy at the moment with 2 other projects…

wow this project looks like it will turn out really cool but what time period is this taking place in?

I went to your website and the first thing I saw on the left was storyline and gameplay (go figure). I do kinda like the storyline, but I still think that a game with fighting isn’t very christian-like…

Yeah, I was already thinking of scrapping the fighting from the game. Maybe you could have to run and hide to avoid detection by people, which would corrupt the timeline. Also, to keep it fun and have a slight fighting aspect, if say a guard sees you and is running after you, you could use a flash-bang or something to distract him, but as a penalty of using this the timeline would become more corrupt. If you corrupt the timeline too much you get pulled back to the present before you do any really damage.
If you look on our forums you can see how our storyline and gameplay are evolving. If you have any interest in joining, please do, we need as many people as we can get.
@zbryanz - It will probably take place in multiple time periods, but that might change.
@BShep - Of course you can join, the more the merrier.
Thank you everyone for your interest.

Where would you go? And what would you find? It would be cool I suppose to back to say Joshua’s time and help Isreal defeat the Cananites. But you would have to be careful to avoid anything blasphemous.
All violence isn’t bad, like when God told the Isreal to conquer Cannan and kill all of the inhabitants that was fine, or if your defending yourself.

I agree with infinite there…

We are still trying to flesh out the storyline and come up with some concrete ideas. You would probably go to different points in the past to see different events. As for what you would find, ATM the idea is the that protagonist is looking for evidence of the existence of God. That idea of fighting with the Isrealites is interesting, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you for the input!

I know a really good book that you could use to help with your game.


Haha, yes, we will be using that book a lot! When I said “You would probably go to different points in the past to see different events,” those events will be taken directly from the Bible. We just need to figure out what events will be present in the game, and how you will interact with these events. The website is constantly being updated as we discuss things we want to add, please check there to see our most up to date ideas.

We are in need of a concept artist and a character modeler. The gameplay is coming along well, and we should have a script for the first level soon. We could also use a prop modeler since I am focusing on the code side of things at the moment. If you have any interest at all to help in any way, would would be glad to have you as a part of the team. Thank you for your time.

I’m starting on some music right now :smiley:

include iron chariots! iron chariots are cool. Judges 1:19

@Zeffii - Would you like to be a prop modeler and get to make some iron chariots?
@TWS Admin - Yes, forgot to mention that.
We will also be needing a good texture artist as soon as we get some models. In my opinion, textures are the most important thing in making a game visually appealing.

what is the theme of the game? what do you believe about the state of man? do you believe in purgatory or hell? do you believe Christians choose God, or does God choose Christians? do you believe in a literal 6-day creation?
I’m sorry about all these questions, but I can’t work on a game that is going to spread incorrect beliefs.
I am a modeler and python programmer