Christina's Sketchbook

Please tell me more!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I retired a year ago and decided to put a lot of time into CG and Blender specifically, after it being a sometime hobby for many years. I would like to eventually produce something that makes the featured row. Hope to achieve that by the end of this year. My New Year resolution. I need to get all the technique down before doing serious works however.

I haven’t looked at the Megascan library, but did purchase Andrew Price’s rock collection. Also I’ve done a bit of photogrammetry myself and can make my own scanned assets.

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beautiful works here.

Thank you :blush:

Well, I could get unlimited access through unreal, which is free itself. However I’m only supposed to use them with unreal, which doesnt actually run on my computer.

If I try to download something from the free section, it says this

That´s the spirit! :blush: I´m pretty sure you will reach your goal by the end of the year easily with this great attitude and consistency! I´m for sure looking forward to following your progress :sunglasses:

There are also tons of great addons which can help make architectural modeling infinitely quicker. Here´s one of my favorites in case you´re not aware of this one: Polysweeper

As far as Megascans goes, I do encourage you to take a look at it, especially since it´s free and really easy to use and well integrated with Blender. Also at Quixel Mixer, which is an also free Material creation/blending tool which works great with Blender aswell.

@NiklasWerth You can only use the assets in Unreal Engine commercially for “free” if you opt for the unlimited access, that´s right. But as long as you only use the assets for learning purposes and portfolio work within Blender, I highly doubt that you´ll get any trouble from Epic Games.

New project, or rather a major rework of an old one. I expect this will take some time to complete. Detail the buildings, add decent textures, probably some overpainting for the figures (who will be clothed!). Lots of set dressing. Could take a month. I’ll have to try not to get too bored when I’m working on the detail.

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Moved a couple of things around, added another tree. Worked on a couple of the buildings. Not final yet.

This one was done with Eevee

There are Two things, if you like.

The tables and the stairs (house behind) are very close in the image.
And the poses of the 2 talking people look static. Especially woman looks almost like a puppet. Their pose could be a bit more dynamic.

I like composition of your scene. You keep it mostly clean and dont push details. Looking how it evolves.

Happy blending.

Thanks, I’ve only recently started including people in my scenes, and need to spend a bit of time working on posing them properly.

Basicly you are saying that as long as is for personal use like personal projects and building porfolio it is fine to use quixel? Do you know that for sure or you are just thinking?

I don’t know that for sure. I assume based on personal experience, that’s all :slight_smile:

okay :slight_smile: thanks

A little test. Atmosphere!!!


More kit.

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Love the moody atmosphere in this one, and also in the recent foggy one. Eerie!

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve got this in another post but will add it here just to keep everything in one place.


Testing out some approaches to lighting. Looks a pretty basic scene but it uses almost no bounce lighting and is a lot more noise-free than I’ve been able to get with indirect lighting. I even managed to get a sort of light-linking to work!

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