Christmas 07 WIP

Looking for crits on this stable scene. I’ve been basing it off a Christmas present I built a long time ago in grade school. It actually turned out to look pretty close to the real thing, which was better than I figured I could do.

I haven’t quite decided how the final scene will look yet; suggestions are more than welcome.

grr…could anyone explain to this internet-illiterate idiot :confused: how to make a thumbnail that links to a larger image?

Something I have been wondering about my models and others: the results can be too perfect. So, this is from something you built in grade school but I see no oozing yellow glue or imperfectly aligned surfaces. No color left from the cherry flavored popsicle on half the stick. No worries; I understand. This is your chance to make it perfect. What made it quaint, however, were the imperfections.

The sticks seem a little too brown where I remember them being lighter, more blond. Adding something in the scene to give a sense of scale would add interest.

The thumbnail thing is done automagically when “attaching” an image instead of “inserting” an image. You might have to “go advanced” to see the the attach/paperclip pulldown.

I hope I am able to complete this before Christmas. Time on hobbies like Blender is kind of hard to find. Anyways-

Here is what I think is the scene I want to go with. It’s supposed to be night, with a light (as from an open doorway) shining on the figures in the stable.

The things to improve:

  1. Looking at the image, I can already see the dark areas need to be brightened up. Suggestions how to improve that without losing a night feel would be appreciated. I’m starting to think that the band of light could be narrowed for better effect. I’m also having trouble lighting the cradle properly.

  2. The materials on the christmas tree ornaments need work.

g60: Thanks! Finally I get the thumbnail thing figured out. I’ve tried to make the stable a little more imperfect, but it could still probably be improved.


Changed the idea around some more. I like this variation, but it still needs work. Just thought I’d put up a quick render before I go to sleep.